Friday, 22 August 2008

More exam results!

Well done to Emily who has done briliantly in her GCSE results - congratulations!

The team have had a good day and night at a Game Reserve to round off the Mission. They saw lots of elephant, hippos and crocodiles.

Now they are preparing for the journey home. Please pray that they all sleep well tonight as they are leaving Fisherman's Rest at 5am on Saturday, to fly to Lilongwe where they say goodbye to Sussanah who is staying on for a few weeks to experience life on a farm.

The rest of the team will fly on to Johannesburg where they have a 10 hour wait before flying back to the UK.

Thank you for all your support and prayers. Finally we ask you to pray for safety and for sleep on the plane, and for the team as they adjust to being back in the UK.

Please pray for Susannah as she stays in Malawi.

We are really looking forward to welcoming them home at St Mary's, Wendover at 8am on Sunday morning. Do join us for breakfast of bacon butties and croissants!!

Nikki de Borde

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Lake Malawi

The team are very happy to have reached the beach after a long and sometimes difficult few weeks. Everyone is ready to spend some time chilling out and enjoying good food and proper mattresses !

The time at Keith and Christeen Moller's project in the village was good and the team gained insight into the work he is doing.

Thank you for your prayers. Please continue to pray for safety and good health for all the members of the team, especially for protection from malaria and other tropical illnesses.

Nikki de Borde

Sunday, 17 August 2008


The Mission Malawi team have arrived safely with Keith and Christeen Moller and their two children. They are missionaries in a remote part of Malawi on the other side of the lake. The team will travel to the villages where they work and stay among the villagers for Sunday night and on Monday will be helping Keith in his work.

We thank God for their safe arrival and pray for their continued safety on the roads.

Please pray for them as they encounter very basic accomodation and sanitation. We hope they are moved by the amazing welcome of the people and the beauty of the area.

DATE FOR YOUR DIARY - Sunday 24th August - WELCOME HOME - share breakfast with the young people at 8am in St Mary's Church, Wendover.

Nikki de Borde

Thursday, 14 August 2008


Congratulations to Hannah Wood, Katy and Lucy who all got their results today.

W E L L D O N E to you all.....;-o

Hannah has got a place at Cardiff uni to study Theology.

As the week end approaches please pray for the team as they set off for a very rural setting with little in the way of creature comforts. They are visiting Keith Moller (see and will be spending some time in the village with Keith and Christeen.

There is more bible distribution tomorrow which will mean the team have delivered over 1000 sena bibles to people who have never had the word of God in their own language before.

Please continue to remember them all in your prayers.

Tim (following conversation with Paul)

Wednesday, 13 August 2008


The team have had a good day at the orphanage, the new vehicle went well and the children enjoyed seeing the team. They played with a huge parachute and did arts and crafts with them.

Please pray for the girls getting their exam results tomorrow.

Hannah Wood getting her A levels, and finding out about universities from a distance; and Katy and Lucy getting AS levels.

Alex and Hannah Taylor plan to distribute more Bibles tomorrow, so please pray for safe travels for them.

Nikki de Borde

Tuesday, 12 August 2008


Latest news by phone ... the time with the kids at the community centre went really well on Monday. The team found it really positive and rewarding work.
A great time was had by all on the team's day off to the elephant park on Tuesday. They saw a whole herd of elephant, and some hippo too.

Thank you for your prayers for a suitable vehicle.... one of Tim's old friends, Alan, has a 10 seater Toyota which the team are hiring to use for the rest of the Mission. This is a great answer to prayer - it is in good condition and all the seats have seatbelts (a miracle in Malawi!).

Please pray as the team go to Bangula for 2 days, that they would be able to really help at the orphanage as they work with the children.

Also please pray for those getting exam results (A and AS levels) on Thursday - that phone connections can be made easily.

Thanks so much for all your support ... keep sending messages to the team via "comments" ...Nikki de B

Monday, 11 August 2008

The week ahead

Hey guys

Thanks to Nikki for updating the blog yesterday on our recent activities. We had a really great time down in Nsanje - it was a fantastic priviledge to be able to help the two pastors (Rogers and Maxwell) distribute the bibles that they have worked for 15 years on translating into Sena and making them accessible. The truck was heavily laden with bibles (imagine the effect 500 bibles have on a car that already has worryingly low clearance....bumpy roads...great African combo!!) and it was all rather conveniant that the vehicle waited until AFTER we had finished distributing the bibles to break down and give up.

All things considered, the break down scenario could have been much worse and we were recovered by a pick up and towed back to Nsanje (at points we were being towed faster than we had been driving the previous day!) .... let it be noted that it was 'Pasty Paul' (Pastor Paul...our new name for Paul, he clearly is NOT a Pastor but we didn't want to offend Pastor Maxwell and challenge him on this!) that broke the vehicle. Fortunately another group from Cardiff University (rather stupidly called 'STORM') are out and they happened to be in Nsanje ready to leave for Blantyre with a nice 4x4 and a pick up on Saturday morning. So we all got a pretty cushy ride back to Blantyre leaving Alex and Paul behind to wait for the original recovery vehicle (same old story...was meant to arrive at 10am...turned up at 3pm...)

Anyway we are all back safe and sound. On a personal note, I found my first poisonous Baboon spider in the dining room on Saturday night. Paul and Alex tried to convince me it was one of the harmless ones but to no avail, I grabbed the doom and courageously...made Alex kill it. Then did the even more unholy thing of squishing its guts all over the floor. good riddance.

Coming up, we have a nice day off tomorrow driving to Majete game park. Wednesday we are heading back down to Bangula where there is an orphanage, TMC, which we will stay at until Thursday afternoon. A few of the cardiff team (sorry, can't quiite bring myself to calling them storm) are there at the moment and so it will be nice to have some people to show us the ropes so to speak! Friday we have a day to sort kit etc as on Saturday we head up to Keith Moller's in Namwera. We'll be away for a week then before returning to Blantyre for our flights home on the Saturday morning! Time seems to be going by so quickly...

Will try to get back and update the blog on Friday and we will try and upload some photos as well whilst we're at it. Prayers gratefully received, and we're all a bit knackered but looking forward to the rest of our time here. We just pray that God will continue to guide us and protect us on this fantastic journey.

love to all